The Naked House Tropical - Nudist Hotel

Immerse yourself in a naturist oasis among mango, orange and tangerine trees where comfort, the climate, the sound of nature, good food and spaces inside and outside the house will transport you to a new reality.

The second nudist hotel in Colombia is located very close to Bogotá, between the municipalities of Tena and La Mesa, 60 km away between mountains of fruit trees, with a perfect climate that ranges between 20 ºC and 30 ºC. You can be naked throughout the property and enjoy the pleasure of stripping your clothes in a quiet, safe place with hosts that will make you feel at home.

The house has a mega terrace that occupies the entire second floor where you will find 360º panoramic views of green mountains that will give you a breeze of privacy and exclusivity. There we perform several activities such as yoga, concerts, our famous roasts, we have sunbathers to perfect the tan without the annoying white lines and it is an ideal place to spend an afternoon sunbathing to the sound of cocktails, good food and music.

On the first level you will find an American type kitchen that connects with a dining room bar and the living room, there we cook, we are always ready to teach our culinary tricks so food preparation becomes a cooking class and always one (s) hand (s) friend (s) will be welcome. At night we play board games, listen to different musical genres, share a drink, stories and share in an atmosphere of fraternity and relaxation.

Dare, challenge your mental constructions and have an experience out of this world in our nudist oasis.